This new orchestra promises quality, vibrancy and increasingly professional music in Kent and the UK, including performances and collaborations with internationally renowned soloists and guest orchestras from all over the world.


Our vision

The Kent Philharmonic Orchestra (KPO) was formed in 2017: a dynamic and flexible symphony orchestra. The Kent Philharmonic orchestra will give talented young musicians in Kent regular opportunities to rehearse and perform alongside professional musicians whilst bringing top notch live music to Kent's halls and venues. As a result, in the very near future, we are hoping that the KPO will secure a unique place in the social and cultural life of South East England. 

‘Marius is a talented and committed conductor. He works with fine attention to detail and his natural enthusiasm and passion for music is inspiring and motivating for his fellow musicians.’
— Martin Outram, Violist of the Maggini Quartet


• To integrate young talented musicians into professional performance spaces.

• To design an educational programme in tandem with other young musicians. Professional musicians would spearhead and implement this project, organising extra-curricular activities for KPO students by providing tuition to individuals and groups.

• To strengthen International Relations by integrating ethnic minorities into the orchestral business. This would contribute to reducing the cultural divide in the UK, while international interchange would strengthen relations between foreign musicians.

• Enable young musicians to gain experience and increased employability.

‘Side-by-side projects are an exciting opportunity for students to gain an insight into the work of a professional musician. By sitting alongside such experienced musicians, students can witness first hand what they themselves can aspire to, imitating all they can in their professional partner to develop the skills to form the foundations of their own musical career’